Cost and energy optimization

Energy audit of a full scale MBR system (LWWTP-0089)
A. Fenu1
1Aquafin, R&D department, Aartselaar, Belgium

Technological and methodical optimisation of the secondary treatment of a large German WWTP (600,000 PE) (LWWTP-0106)
D. Gengnagel1, B. Godart1, S. Eisert1, V. Erbe2
1Wupperverband, T2 Wasserwirtschaft-Abwasser, Wuppertal, Germany
2Wupperverband, Geschäftsbereich Technik, Wuppertal, Germany

A Rationale for the Use of First Order Kinetics to Model Heterotrophic Oxidation in the Activated Sludge Process (LWWTP-0116)
H. Tench1
1Retired, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Optimization of a full scale alternating activated sludge system by means of ASM2d modelling (LWWTP-0012)
A. Fenu1
1Aquafin, R&D department, aartselaar, Belgium

Cost Comparison of Continuous Activated Sludge Systems with SBR Type Cyclic Activated Sludge Systems (LWWTP-0022)
K. Wutscher1, K. Miksch2
1IWA member, Anif, Austria
2Silesian University of Technology, Department of Environmental Biotechnology, Gliwice, Poland

Energy Consumption in Municipal Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Review (LWWTP-0042)
G. Baquerizo1, A.E. Stricker1, J.P. Canler1, S. Gillot1
1Institut National de Recherche en Sciences et Technologies pour l'Environnement et l'Agriculture IRSTEA, Ecotechnologies, VILLEURBANNE Cedex, France 

Towards a Reduction of Greenhouse Gases: a New Decision Support System for Design, Management and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants     (LWWTP-0063)
D. Caniani1, G. Esposito2, R. Gori3, G. Mannina4
1University of Basilicata, Scuola di Ingegneria, Potenza, Italy
2University of Cassino and the Southern Lazio, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Meccanica, Cassino, Italy
3University of Florence, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale – DICEA, Firenze, Italy
4University of Palermo, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile- Ambientale- Aerospaziale- dei Materiali, Palermo, Italy 



Aeration Tank: CFD Analysis as a Design Tool to Discover Energy Savings (LWWTP-0074)
A. Karpinska Portela1, J. Bridgeman1
1University Of Birmingham, School of Civil Engineering, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Return Sludge Side-stream – How to Control GAOs and Ensure Successful EBPR in Hot Climates (LWWTP-0121)
M. Stokholm-Bjerregaard1, P. Nielsen2, P. Nielsen2, J. Vollertsen3, R. Lemaire4, A. Oehmen5, V. Borregaard6, M. Albersen2, S. Karst2
1Krüger a/s & Aalborg University, Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, Aalborg, Denmark
2Aalborg University, Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, Aalborg, Denmark
3Aalborg University, Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg, Denmark
4Veolia, Direction Technique et Performance, Saint-Maurice, France
5FCT - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Departamento de Química- Caparica, Caparica, Portugal
6Krüger, Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark

Stockholm’s Future Wastewater Treatment – World Class Wastewater Treatment for the Future (LWWTP-0134)
N. Dahlén1
1Stockholm Vatten VA AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Retrofitting the Emscher Mouth Wastewater Treatment Plant within the Emscher Rehabilitation Program (LWWTP-0139)
M. Hetschel1B. Teichgräber1
1Emschergenossenschaft / Lippeverband, Technical Services, Essen, Germany

Hydraulic and Biochemical Profiles of Primary Settling Process (LWWTP-0049)
V. Bakos2, K. Kiss1, M. Patziger3, A. Jobbágy2
1Szent István University, Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Budapest, Hungary
2Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science, Budapest, Hungary
3Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Budapest, Hungary

Comparison of Full-Scale a Conventional Activated Sludge Plant and a Ceramic Membrane Bioreactor: Nitrification Efficiency in Domestic Wastewater Treatment Mingled With Industrial Wastewater (LWWTP-0064)
B. Peduk1, B. Ozdemir1, B. Kurtulus1, M. Yalvac1
1ISKI, Wastewater Treatment, Istanbul, Turkey

New Developments in the Design of Aeration Systems for Activated Sludge Plants (LWWTP-0067)
S. Sander1, T. Günkel-Lange2, M. Wagner1
1Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institute IWAR, Darmstadt, Germany
2aquadrat ingenieure, gesellschaft für wasserwirtschaft und informationssysteme mbH, Griesheim, Germany


Innovative wastewater treatment technologies

Removal of Pharmaceutical Residues and Other Priority Contaminants in the Effluent of Sewage Treatment Plants (LWWTP-0101)
C. Baresel1, H. Ejhed2, K. Westling3, U. Fortkamp3, A.P. Cousins4, M. Hörsing5, J. Magnér2, A.S. Allard2, C. Wahlberg6, S. Söhr7
1IVL Swedish Environmental research Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
2IVL Swedish Environmental research Institute, 6030, Stockholm, Sweden
3IVL Swedish Environmental research Institute, 5020, Stockholm, Sweden
4IVL Swedish Environmental research Institute, 6010, Stockholm, Sweden
5KTH Royal Institute of Technology, ABE, Stockholm, Sweden
6Stockholm vatten AB, Henriksdal WWTP, Stockholm, Sweden
7SYVAB, Himmerfjärdsverket, Stockholm, Sweden

Application Of Anammox To Anaerobically Pre-treated Municipal Wastewater (LWWTP-0109)
V. Kouba1, P. Widiayuningrum1, L. Chovancova1, J. Hejnic1, J. Bartacek1P. Jenicek1
1University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, Praha 6 - Dejvice, Czech Republic

Determining the Vitality of Bacteria Detected by FISH (LWWTP-0126)
L. Chovancová1, H. Šedivá1, I. Růžičková1
1Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, Prague 6, Czech Republic

Integrating Ozonation or Adsorption on Activated Carbon into Tertiary Wastewater Treatment: Environmental Impacts with Life Cycle Assessment (LWWTP-0038)
D. Mutz1, U. Miehe1, C. Remy1, A. Sperlich2, G. Windelberg3
1Berlin Centre of Competence for Water KWB, Wastewater Treatment, Berlin, Germany
2Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Research and Development, Berlin, Germany
3Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Wastewater Treatment, Berlin, Germany

Full-scale Experiences With Aerobic Granular Biomass Technology For Treatment Of Urban And Industrial Wastewater (LWWTP-0040)
A. Giesen1, B. de Bruin2, M. van Loosdrecht3, M. Pronk3H. van der Roest
1Royal HaskoningDHV, Water Technology- Products & Innovation, Amersfoort, Netherlands
2Royal HaskonigDHV, Water Technology- Products & Innovation, Amersfoort, Netherlands
3Delft University of Technology, Environmental Biotechnology, Delft, Netherlands

Changes of Nitrite Accumulation Efficiency Depending on Concentration of Influent Ammonium Nitrogen in Nitritation Process (LWWTP-0048)
K. Gil1, J. Im2
1Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Seoul, Korea- Republic of Korea
2Korea University, School of Civil- Environmental and Architectural Engineering, Seoul, Korea- Republic of Korea

Greenhouse gases from membrane bioreactor treating hydrocarbon and saline wastewater (LWWTP-0054)
G. Mannina1, A. Cosenza2, D. Di Trapani3, C. Morici3
1Università di Palermo, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile- Ambientale- Aerospaziale- dei Materiali - DICAM, Palermo, Italy
2University, DICAM, Palermo, Italy
3Università, DICAM, Palermo, Italy

The effect of hydrocarbon on a pilot plant membrane bioreactor system (LWWTP-0055)
G. Mannina1, D. Di trapani2, A. Cosenza2, M. Torregrossa2, G. Viviani2
1Università di Palermo, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile- Ambientale- Aerospaziale- dei Materiali - DICAM, Palermo, Italy
2Università, DICAM, Palermo, Italy

Enhanced Primary Treatment using Microsieving for Increased Removal Rates and Energy Recovery on WWTPs (LWWTP-0058)
C. Walder1, A. Proesl1, F. Klegraf1, K. Soerensen2, J. Lahnsteiner3
1VA Tech WABAG GmbH, Process Engineering, Vienna, Austria
2WABAG Water Technology Ltd., Process Engineering, Winterthur, Switzerland
3VA Tech WABAG GmbH, Technology- Research & Development, Vienna, Austria

Estrogenic Activity Removal of 17β-estradiol by Integrated Wastewater Treatment (LWWTP-0069)
G. de Oliveira1, L.A. Daniel1, P. dos Santos1
1São Paulo University, Hydraulics and Sanitation, São Carlos, Brazil

Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor Followed by Dissolved Air Flotation Treating Municipal Sewage (LWWTP-0073)
P. dos Santos1, L.A. Daniel1, G. de Oliveira1
1University of São Paulo, Hydraulics and Sanitation, São Carlos, Brazil

Decrease of Ecological Risk caused by Pharmaceuticals in Effluent from Wastewater Treatment Plant (LWWTP-0062)
1Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, Goyang, Korea- Republic of Korea


Large WWTP in "Cities of the Future"

Removal of Pharmaceutical Residues using Ozonation as Intermediate Process Step at Linköping WWTP, Sweden (LWWTP-0088)
C. Baresel1, R. Sehlén2, M. Ek3, J. Malmborg2
1IVL Swedish Environmental research Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
2Teknsika verken, Linköping, Linköping, Sweden
3IVL Swedish Environmental research Institute, 5000, Stockholm, Sweden

On the Implementation of an MBR Process at Wastewater Treatment Plants (LWWTP-0113)
K. Westling1, C. Baresel1, N. Dahlén2
1IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute AB, Organisations- Products and Processes, Stockholm, Sweden
2Stockholm Vatten VA AB, Henriksdal WWTP, Stockholm, Sweden

Dubai, Green Economy, Green Sewage Treatment Infrastructure (LWWTP-0122)
R. Karkain1
1Dubai Municipality, Sewage Treatment Plant Department, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wastewater Disinfection with Chlorine Compounds (LWWTP-0124)
I. Johanidesová1, J. Bindzar1, V. Škopová1, J. Wanner1, J. Kotas1
1Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, Prague 6, Czech Republic



Wastewater treatment plant reliability prediction using artificial neural network networks (LWWTP-0072)
1Faculty of Sciences and Applied Sciences- Larbi Ben M'Heidi University of Oum El, Hydraulics, Oum El-Bouaghi, Algeria
2Faculty of Sciences and Technology- Mohamed Kheider University of Biskra, Research laboratory in subterranean and surface Hydraulics LARHYSS-, Biskra, Algeria

Control of Hydrogen Sulphide in Full-Scale Anaerobic Digesters Using Iron (III) Chloride (LWWTP-0097)
D. Erdirencelebi1, M. Kucukhemek2
1Selcuk University- Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Environmental Engineering, Konya, Turkey
2Konya Water and Sewerage Administration, Wastewater, Konya, Turkey

Consequences of Seveso-Classification of a Large Wastewater Treatment Plant (LWWTP-0030)
D. Lumley1, A. Åström2
1Gryaab AB, Operations, Gothenburg, Sweden
2Gryaab AB, Managing Director, Gothenburg, Sweden

Enhancement of Nitrogen Removal by ANAMMOX Granular Bacteria (LWWTP-0031)
T.T. Chang1, K.F. Chang1, S.Y. Chiu1, S.H. Chang1, S.Y. Yu1, S.H. Perng1
1Industrial Technology Research Institute, Material and Chemical Research Laboratories, Hsinchu city, Taiwan Republic of China

`Effect of operational parameters on nitrifying bacterial biomass and nitrification activity at Full Scale Fusina (Venice, Italy) WWTP (LWWTP-0057)
V. Tandoi1, F. Di Pippo2, S. Della Sala3, S. Badoer3, G. Marchiori3, P. Miana3
1CNR Water Reseach Institute, Environmental Microbiology, Monterotondo RM, Italy
2CNR IRSA, Environmental Microbiology, Monterotondo RM, Italy
3Veritas, Fusina, Venice, Italy

MiDAS Field Guide – a Comprehensive Online Source of Information About the Microbes of Activated Sludge (LWWTP-0061)
M. Nierychlo1, S.J. McIlroy1, A.M. Saunders1, M. Albertsen1, B. McIlroy1, A.A. Hansen1, S. Karst1, J.L. Nielsen1, P.H. Nielsen1
1Aalborg University, Chemistry and Bioscience, Aalborg East, Denmark

Hydraulic loadings of large Swedish WWTPs - key performance indicators and consequences (LWWTP-0071)
A. Mattsson1
1Gryaab AB, Gryaab AB, Göteborg, Sweden

Operation During Reconstruction – Temporary Measures to Meet Effluent Requirements (LWWTP-0133)
E. Lindblom1, H. Östfeldt1, C. Laurell1, S. Remberger1, O. Sigfridsson1J. Grundestam1
1Stockholm Vatten, A, Stockholm, Sweden

Efficient Growth of Sulfide-Oxidizing Bacteria (SOB) in a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) under Microaerobic Conditions (LWWTP-0136)
N. Anferova1, J.E. Ramirez Morales2, J. Bartáček1P. Jeníček1, D. Jeison2
1Institute of Chemical Technology- Prague, Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, Prague 6, Czech Republic
2Universidad de La Frontera- Temuco- Chile, Departamento de Ingeniería Química, Temuco, Chile

Optimization Of The Biological Nitrification Process Control In A Large Wastewater Treatment Plant (LWWTP-0043)
A., Mannucci1, C. Caretti1, R. Gori1, E. Coppini2, G. Munz2
1University of Florence, Civil and Environmental Engineering, FIRENZE, Italy
2Gida SpA, Prato, Italy


Sludge handling and it's effect PM wastewater treatment

Experiences of sludge application as construction material (LWWTP-0028)
M.J. García-Ruiz1, J.M. Azañón2, F. Osorio1
1University of Granada, Department of Civil Engineering, Granada, Spain
2University of Granada, Department of Geodynamics, Granada, Spain

Why are large Wastewater treatment plants around the world adopting thermal hydrolysis and digestion in preference to other sludge treatment options? (LWWTP-0087)
K. Panter1
1ebcor ltd, cookham, United Kingdom

Oxygen uptake measurements as a tool for the estimation of self-heating capacity of dried sludge granules (LWWTP-0093)
E. Saracevic1, N. Matsche1
1Vienna University of Technology, Institut for Waterquality, Vienna, Austria

Modeling the Effects of Slowly Biodegradable Substrate at Large WWTP in Northern Poland (LWWTP-0141)
J. Drewnowski1J. Makinia1
1Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Gdansk, Poland

New Concepts for Economic and Energy Efficient Wastewater and Sludge Treatment - Example Wastewater Treatment Plant Ljubljana (LWWTP-0142)
P. Hartwig1
1aqua consult Ingenieur GmbH, Hannover, Germany

Algae Process as an Anammox Effluent Post Treatment Method for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal Along with Additional Algae-Biomass Generation for Anaerobic Digestion Process (LWWTP-0068)
L. Jaroszynski1T. Jaroszynski1
1Poznan University of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Poznan, Poland

Anaerobic Reject Water Characteristics and Effect on Sideline BNR Performance in a Large-Scale WWTP (LWWTP-0098)
D. Erdirencelebi1, K. Akdogan1, T. Yagcilar1, S. Koyuncu2
1Selcuk University- Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Environmental Engineering, Konya, Turkey
2Konya Water and Sewerage Administration, KOSKI, Konya, Turkey

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